Powerful features to efficiently manage your business


  • Sell Services, Products, Packages & Memberships
  • GST Invoice with the break-up of each tax
  • Multiple payment modes in same bill
  • Collect partial payment
  • OTP based redemption of wallet balance
  • Free SMS notifications


  • Powerful calendar interface to create appointments
  • Allow clients to book 24/7
  • Schedule staff easily and efficiently
  • Track client check-in and check-out
  • SMS Reminders
  • Create notes and reminders

Customer Profile

  • 360° Customer profile
  • View all customer bills
  • View wallet transactions
  • Create notes and reminders
  • Send Birthday/Anniversary notifications
  • Send Offers


  • Sell all kinds of memberships
  • OTP based redemption of membership balance
  • Enable cashbacks on memberships
  • Selectively apply discounts on services


  • Create Customized packages
  • Customers can choose services they want
  • Enforce package Validity
  • Upsell packages on mobile app

Customer Mobile App

  • Customer can easily book appointments
  • Collect feedback
  • Upsell offers
  • Track wallet balance
  • Track membership and packages


  • More than 30 kinds of reports
  • Financial reports
  • Sales reports
  • Staff performance reports
  • Customer Churn report

Retail Inventory

  • Sell Retail products
  • Manage prices and stock quantity
  • Track Inventory movement
  • Setup low stock alerts
  • Categorize inventory by brands

Inhouse Inventory

  • Manage internal-use products
  • Specify usage for each service
  • Auto update stock based on billing
  • Track all kinds of quantities (gm/ml/piece)
  • Segregate pool and station stock

and there is plenty more to discover ..